The Loop

inside the loop in houstonInner Loop/Inside the Loop

"The Loop" refers to the 610 Loop that makes a large circle (loop) within the city of Houston.

Houstonians often classify an apartment or other landmark as being “inside the loop” simply meaning that it’s generally in the area between Interstate 10 and just south of Highway 59 and between 610 Loop/Houston Galleria area and Downtown Houston. The area inside the loop contains a mixture of historical landmarks, museums, arts, sports arenas, medical facilities, and more.

Why Living Inside the Loop is Great

Locals feel that living inside the loop is very convenient for a number of different reasons. They have easier access to major highways and experience less traffic in getting to areas like Downtown Houston, The Houston Medical Center, and Greenway Plaza.  Another major plus is all of the fabulous restaurants, nightlife options and world class shopping located in this area. 

There is a huge demand for apartments inside the loop and there is a large variety of properties available in all price ranges, styles, and sizes.  The unbeatable location makes the Inner Loop a perfect location to live, work, and enjoy life.