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What you should expect working with Houston Apartment Insiders

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What You Should Expect Working with Houston Apartment Insiders

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Call us at 713-581-1055 or submit a form below and we will contact you within minutes to start your apartment search.

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We send you a personalized list of ideal apartment homes based on your needs.

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Get an up-close look at your favorites - we will even make leasing office appointments for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Is your service really free?"

Yes, it really is! Houston Apartment Insiders is a totally free apartment locating service. Working with us does not affect your rent whatsoever.

"If your service is free, then how do you get paid?"

We get paid a small referral commission by the apartment management companies when you move in- it is paid from their advertising budget. You MUST remember to write Houston Apartment Insiders on any guest cards and lease applications at each property that you visit.

"Do I visit the properties on my own or do you provide transportation to view them?"

Either way works for us! We can provide a list of properties with their availabilty, good directions, etc. to make your solo search easier or we can make an appointment with you and take you around to all of the properties you would like to see.

"Are you based locally and can you provide other Houston information?"

Yes, we are not only based locally, but we are native Houstonians as well! We are very familiar with the city and can provide all kinds of great information like driving time estimations, neighborhood, school district, and community information, not to mention restaurant and shopping recommendations!

"Should I use more than one apartment locating service in Houston?"

All of the locating companies in the Houston area work with all of the same apartment complexes. You won't need to call anyone else because we will do a fast, efficient job for you and find you the perfect Houston apartment.

"If I work with you, am I limited to only a few properties?"

Not at all! We estimate that we work with 99.9% of the thousands of properties in the Houston area and we will make sure that we give you every property that fits your needs.

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