Loft-syle living is fairly new to Houston and is quickly gaining popularity. Loft apartments are basically large open living areas with few or no walls. Think of them as blank canvases or open concepts that occupants can set up and design as they wish- from the floorplan to wall colors, etc. They are spacious and create a feeling of openess in your surroundings. Downtown is the place for most Houston Loft Apartments although some can be found in Midtown Houston and the Houston Galleria area as well.


Generally lofts utilize stained concrete or hardwood floors throughout rather than the more traditional carpeting. Some of the newer loft properties offer most of the same amenities that the more traditional apartment complexes offer. You’ll find fitness and business centers, WiFi throughout, and coffee bars. There are some traditional-style properties that feature loft-style floorplans with no separation between sleeping and living spaces. This type of apartment may be of interest to those who are not ready to “take the leap” into an actual loft property.


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