Oh, the gym –– everyone’s favorite frenemy. You want to go, but somehow the excuses not to keep piling up.

No time to drive there. Memberships are expensive with long-term commitments. The machinery is old or poorly-maintained.

Is it any wonder most people abandon their New Year’s Resolutions?

There is an alternative –– having the gym a little closer to home. Or how about, right in your apartment complex?


Benefits of an Apartment Gym or Fitness Center

If you don’t have apartment gyms on your list of must-haves in your apartment search, you may want to take another look and reconsider.


Perhaps one of the biggest and most obvious perks of apartment gyms? Convenience. It’s a lot harder to say no to lacing up your sneakers when the gym is only a few steps away, as opposed to a few miles.

No Membership Fee

While traditional gyms make all of their money off of charging people a monthly fee (knowing full well that many people will barely use their memberships), apartment fitness centers don’t have a monthly charge hanging over your head. Use the gym as much or as little as you like, guilt-free.

Flexible Hours

Regular gyms normally operate on an early morning to late evening schedule, meaning if your lifestyle doesn’t quite fit within the allotted hours, you’ll miss your prime opportunities to hit the gym, effectively throwing a lot of money down the drain.


What to Look for in an Apartment Gym

All gyms are not created equal –– when you hunt around for a great apartment gym, there are a few key things to keep in mind to make sure you’re getting the best option.


Whether you’re a yogi, crossfitter, runner, weightlifter, or any other kind of gym-goer, you probably have some specific equipment you’d like to have at the ready when you hit the gym. If bare bones options aren’t going to cut it, keep moving along.


When does your schedule allow you free time to work out? Are you squeezing in a morning run or prefer to lift weights in the evening?

Know your optimal workout times so that when you’re perusing the apartment gym’s hours, you can make sure you’ll actually be able to get there.


This is a big one. Even if you’re not a germaphobe, gym cleanliness is important to ensuring that you stay healthy while you’re trying to… stay healthy.

Check for spray bottles, wipes, and paper towels. Inspect the machines to see if they are cared for. Look for signs reminding people to wipe down the machines. See if the people using the equipment are doing their due diligence at the end of their workouts. It might make all the difference.


Take a peek inside and check out the gym’s equipment. Does it look more than 5 years old? Are there several “Out of order” signs hanging around?

There are a lot of apartment gyms out there that are old and dingy, so take extra care to see that their equipment is up-to-date.

Class Offerings

If you like to make your workouts more of a social experience, classes may be the way to go. Some apartment gyms offer circuit training, Zumba, cardio dance, yoga, or other group fitness classes that can make working out a little more friendly.   

Other Amenities

Do you have other specific requirements you look for in a gym? Don’t forget about them. You may want towels at the ready, or maybe a spin room or post-workout sauna. If you need to podcast-and-run, having machines with Bluetooth may be on your must-have list. Be sure to include them as you scope out different apartment gym options.

Bonus Tip

To make the most out of your apartment fitness center, we recommend hiring a personal trainer. Your trainer can show you how to properly use all the equipment in your fitness center and get you set up a program to achieve your goals. You can find a list of excellent personal trainers in Houston here.        


Best Houston Apartment Gyms and Fitness Centers

At Houston Apartment Insiders, we know the ins and outs of apartment options in the Houston area. Based on our knowledge, we think you should take a look at these complexes, which may have the apartment gym you’ve been looking for.

Elan Heights The Heights

The Elan Heights apartment complex has an on-site fitness center, as well as yoga and spin classes with Fitness on Demand, not to mention a pool courtyard to cool off in after your workout is complete!

The Carter – Montrose

At The Carter, you’ll find a strength and cardio fitness center with Precor equipment, as well as a Flex Fitness yoga room with Myride capabilities.

Market Square Tower – Downtown

Among Market Square Tower’s amenities is a sky gym with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, as well as spa relaxation, steam, sauna, and massage rooms. You could even play around on the indoor basketball court or virtual golf simulator while you’re at it.

Vantage Med Center – Texas Medical Center   

You can find a 3,000-square-foot fitness and workout club at Vantage Med Center, with a yoga studio, outdoor yoga terrace, and sports lawn with outdoor games to boot.

We Can Help!

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