You’ve decided it’s time for you to upgrade your Houston apartment. Now you’re looking for more than just a basic home. You’re ready to move up to a luxury apartment with all the extras: finer details inside the apartment, extra perks in the building, and a great neighborhood with easy access to even more amenities. There’s still a lot to consider, though, to choose the luxury apartment that’s just right for you. You’ll want to strike a balance between getting the special details that matter to you, not paying extra for things that don’t, and keeping it in line with your budget and your lifestyle. For the first-time luxury apartment hunter, here are a few things to keep in mind:

What is your budget?

Even if you’re ready for a luxury apartment, chances are that your budget isn’t unlimited. Take an honest look at your finances and decide how much you can comfortably spend on rent each month.

How much square footage do you actually want?

Apartment hunters on tighter budgets often rent “as much apartment as they can afford,” and end up in less space than they’d like to live in. Now that you can afford to splurge a bit, it can be tempting to assume bigger is always better, but that may not be so for you. Choosing just as much space as you really care to use, and no more, frees up your budget to splurge on more extras or a fantastic location.

What does “luxury” mean to you?

Make a list of extras you really care about. Do you feel pampered by a steam shower or whirlpool bath, but care not a whit about granite countertops? Would you love to have an in-building fitness center, party room, or business space, or would you never use those perks? Think about luxury amenities both inside your apartment and in the apartment complex, and think about location, neighborhood, and proximity to conveniences like shopping, nightlife, health clubs, and more. Once you know what you’re looking for, prioritize. Make a list of amenities that starts with “absolutely must have” and goes down the page to “nice, but no big deal.”

How will you track and compare apartments you’ve seen?

Once you have your prioritized list, the Lovely blog’s luxury apartment-hunting tips suggest printing it up in checklist form. Fill out the checklist for each apartment you look at, so you can easily remember which apartment had what, even if you’ve looked at many luxury apartments over the course of several days.

Is an apartment-finding service right for your search?

Now that you know just what you’re looking for, Houston Apartment Insiders can help you find it, at no cost to you. Share your budget and checklist with us, and we’ll find the best Houston luxury apartments for you to consider. If you like, we’ll even set up appointments for you to view them. We’re here to help!