When you use Houston Apartment Insiders as your Houston apartment locator, we’ll help you find the home that best matches your needs, your wants, your budget, and your style. Still, you’ll want to put your own mark on any Houston apartment you choose. If it’s the floors that aren’t quite to your liking, here are apartment DIY ideas to make the floors your own:



The simplest, most reversible flooring solution is the most obvious one: Lay down some rugs that you like. The best part is that you can easily take them all with you when you decide to move on. Any investment you make in rugs now will pay off for your future homes, too.


Floor Cloths

Here’s an equally temporary, reversible, and transportable idea: Painted canvas floor cloths. These are basically very durable paintings on canvas, designed to be walked on and cleaned. You can buy them already painted, or buy pre-primed floor canvases at most craft stores, paint them with acrylic or latex paints, add a polyurethane sealer, and enjoy your own custom-made floor design. Step-by-step floor cloth tutorials are available online, including:


Vinyl Tape

This tutorial shows how to use vinyl tape to make a bold, but temporary, apartment decorating statement. Be sure to lay down and peel up a few test strips first, as the tutorial suggests, to make sure the tape can be cleanly removed when you’re ready to move out. If the bright colors aren’t to your taste, remember that you can use any color of vinyl tape that strikes your fancy. Consider laying tape in just two colors, or maybe as an elegant, all-black floor. Adapt the idea to your unique personal style.


Temporary Tile or Vinyl Flooring

If you’re able to make a bigger investment in your apartment decorating, consider buying tile or roll-out vinyl flooring, and attaching it with removable double-stick tape. As with the vinyl tape idea, test a small spot to make sure this tape will come up cleanly when you move out. This tutorial from the DIY blog, Engineer Your Space, includes a video on installing removable floor tiles.