If you’re new to Houston, you may be surprised by our famous humid weather. Even visitors from other humid places are in awe of Houston’s heavy, moist air. Our climate has its advantages and disadvantages, but it certainly takes some getting used to. If you wear makeup, you’ll find that your beauty routine will need to change a bit, too. Here are five key tips to help you choose the best makeup for humid, hot Houston:


Sun protection is key.

Remember that summer makeup is sunny weather makeup, and the most important part of any beauty routine is protecting your health. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen. Choose moisturizer or foundation with sunscreen added, and reapply at midday if you’ll be spending much time outdoors.


Think waterproof.

Houston’s humid air is full of water, and hot, humid days lead to sweating, so any makeup or sunscreen you choose will need to stay on when wet. As much as you can stand them, choose waterproof products. Waterproof mascaras and eyeliners are particularly popular in humid weather, since eye makeup is the most likely to run, and is messiest when it does. Lip stains and long-wearing foundations and blushes work well in humidity, too.


Powder helps, but don’t get carried away.

In her post, “A Lifelong Floridian’s Advice for Staying Cute in 90% Humidity/Hell,” xoJane blogger Quincey tells about her favorite products and techniques for comfortable, melt-free makeup in another of America’s most humid places. She also warns about the temptation to add layers of cooling, sweat absorbing powder throughout the day until, like the ladies described in To Kill a Mockingbird, you end up looking like a powdered tea cake. In humid weather, it helps to set your makeup with translucent powder (or to choose powder products, like mineral makeup, powder eyeshadow, or powder blush), but resist the urge to keep adding powder. Too much can settle into lines, or get uncomfortably cakey.


Lighten up.

Quincey’s best tip for makeup in humidity like Houston’s is to lighten up: Use less makeup, and choose lighter products. Makeup for humid weather often takes advantage of the warm glow that naturally comes to moist, hot faces. Do you still need blush? Would you feel more comfortable without eye shadow? Skip products that don’t feel necessary, and for everything else, experiment with lighter versions. Instead of foundation, experiment with tinted moisturizers that contain sunscreen. Try a lip stain and gloss or a coat of lightly tinted lip balm instead of heavier lipstick.


Prevent melting makeup by layering products.

This Good Housekeeping article on makeup for humid and hot days suggests layering different types of makeup for budge-proof eye shadow and blush. Apply a cream product first to create a smooth surface and a base of color. Add a powder product on top to set the cream, and to create a second layer. If the powder layer wears off during your work day or night on the town, you’ll still have some color from the cream layer.