If you’re an undergrad or graduate student, money is likely to be tight. We’re here to help. Houston Apartment Insiders can find apartments for students in Houston on almost any budget. Look back through our previous blog posts for advice on frugal living in Houston,including savings on furniture and fashion. Those ideas are for anyone, but there are also plenty of money-saving deals exclusively for students. Your student ID is your passport to discounts around Houston and across the country, but only if you know where to show it and how to ask. Here are some of the best deals for students:


Nationwide and Online Deals for Students

You probably already know about Apple’s college discounts. Did you know that HP, Dell, and Sony also have special offers just for students? This post from Gift Card Granny is the most extensive and current list we could find of student discounts from online and national retailers. You’ll find student savings on electronics, gym memberships, movie tickets, travel, insurance, mobile phone plans, fashion, makeup, fast food, and more. Your student ID will even get you special deals on anything you buy at Amazon.com. For even more savings, consider getting a Student Advantage Card or an International Student Identity Card for a small annual fee.


Houston-Only Student Savings

Remember that Houston is a college town. We love our students, and many of our local retailers, restaurants, and service companies offer special deals for you. When in doubt, show your student ID and ask. Check with your college or university, either through its web site or the student activities office, to find out about specific deals for students at your school. For example, Rice University students can get special discounts on theater, dance, and symphony concerts,Metro Q bus and train passes, and museum admissions. Most Houston college students can also benefit from the Student Savers Program, which recruits Houston-area retailers to offer deals for students from seven Houston schools. Ask at your school for your special program card, which you’ll need to show to get your discounts.


Financial Aid for Meningitis Vaccines

Starting January 1, 2012, all Texas college and university students under 30 years old must show proof that they’ve had a meningitis vaccine or booster within the past five years. This is good news for your health: Meningitis is a painful and often deadly illness, causing the membranes around the brain and spinal cord to swell. It’s most common in young people, and with the vaccine, it’s preventable. The news is not so good for your wallet: Retail prices for the vaccine (whether you get it at a drugstore or at the Houston health department) are over $100. There is help available, though, even if you’re uninsured. This Houston Chronicle article explains several ways to get discounted meningitis vaccines. The right discount for you depends on your age and where you go to school.