Fall is officially here and you might be getting into the autumnal spirit. Why not combine your love for fall with the upcoming festive nature of Halloween? Halloween is a nostalgic time for many people, since it’s so tied into childhood play, imagination, and fun. If you’re used to living in a larger space, don’t let your move to a Houston apartment dampen your Halloween spirit. Whether you’re >moving from a house to an apartment, setting up your first student apartment, or downsizing for another reason, these apartment decorating tips will help you fit all of the spooky fun of Halloween into your new home:

Start with an autumn theme.

Bringing Halloween into your Houston apartment can be as simple as changing the colors and textures of decorations and accessories you already own. Use earthier, autumn shades for window treatments, pillows, tablecloths, and other easily swapped-out decor. Add throw blankets, rugs, and other textiles in warmer, cozier fabrics. Of course, for a more specifically spooky feel, you can also add elegant black accent pieces, or add swathes of black fabrics such as black curtains, black slipcovers for furniture, and black throw blankets.

Use the outdoor spaces you have.

Though you may no longer have a yard or a porch to decorate, don’t forget the outdoor spaces you do have. You can share your love of Halloween by decorating your Houston apartment’s front door (whether it opens to the outside, or just to a hallway where your neighbors in the building can see it), windows, and balcony, if you have one. Our previous post on outdoor Halloween decorating ideas offers plenty of possibilities, plus links to tutorials for DIY decorations.

Remember the small-space decorating mantra: Think up!

Halloween decorating particularly lends itself to that classic technique for small spaces: Use vertical space, hanging up whatever you can. For Halloween, this can mean faux cobwebs draped on light fixtures and in corners. It can also mean swarms of paper bats hanging from the ceiling, funny family photos on the walls, or subtly spooky shapes as decals on kitchen cabinets — all DIY Halloween decorating ideas you can read more about in this post from Apartment Therapy.

Keep pets and small children safe.

Have fun decorating your Houston apartment, but be sure to think about who will be in the space. If you have pets or small children, or you hope some will visit during the Halloween season, take special care to keep electrical outlets covered, wiring in good condition, and anything with a flame in a stable spot far out of reach. Be mindful, too, of anything that little ones or furry friends might knock over or ingest.

We at Houston Apartment Insiders wish you a spooky, safe, and Happy Halloween!