Renting your first apartment is a big step, and there’s a lot to think about. Whether you’re setting up your first off-campusĀ student apartment or just setting out on your own, Houston Apartment Insiders is here to help. Once you’re ready to move in, don’t forget to stock up your new home with all of the necessities.

There are some things you might not think of, if this is your first time out on your own. You’ll find complete first-apartment setup checklists at, and We’ve boiled those down to these basic items that you’ll definitely want to have when you first move in:

  • A basic tool kit: Make sure you have, at the least, a hammer and nails for hanging pictures and doing basic repairs, a philips-head and a standard screwdriver for making repairs and assembling your furniture, and pliers for gripping and turning all kinds of things. If you’d like to get fancier, a set of wrenches will also come in handy. Buying a pre-packed basic toolbox from a hardware store is an easy way to get all of the basics, and a few more helpful tools to have around.
  • For your electronics: Extension cords and power strips will make it possible for you to plug in everything you’ll want to hook up, even if your first apartment’s outlets are not in the places where you most want to set up your computer, TV, stereo, and other electronics.
  • Safety devices: Find out whether your new Houston apartment comes with fire alarms installed, and bring your own if it doesn’t. A carbon dioxide detector is also a good idea.
  • Lamps: Some rooms will have light fixtures, and some won’t. Bringing your own lamps will allow you to create exactly the lighting effects you want, from the day you move in.
  • Kitchen essentials: Don’t forget towels, dish scrubbers and soap, dishes, flatware, cooking utensils, pots and pans, a trash container, and any small appliances you like to use. Microwave ovens sometimes come with apartments, but sometimes don’t. You’ll almost definitely need to bring your own toaster, toaster oven, food processor, or blender, if you like to use these in the kitchen.
  • Bathroom basics: Yes, your bathroom will come equipped with a sink, a shower, and possibly a bathtub, but the rest is up to you. Don’t forget toilet paper, a shower curtain and rings or hooks, a toilet brush and plunger, a trash can, washcloths, and towels of all sizes, as well as soaps and other body-care items. You’ll also want a first-aid kit with (at the least) band-aids of various sizes, antibiotic ointment, over-the-counter painkillers, and anti-itch cream.

Whether you’re searching for your first apartment or your fiftieth, Houston Apartment Insiders is here for you. We can help you direct your apartment search, and answer any questions you might have about moving to Houston, Texas. Call us at 713-701-1520 (866-918-4022 toll free) or contact us online.