Whether you’re looking for a holiday gift or a housewarming gift, there are plenty of fun possibilities when someone you love is moving into their first student apartment — or any first apartment. From the practical to the sentimental, many kinds of gifts can be welcome and deeply appreciated. To help you celebrate the rite of passage that is a young adult’s first apartment, here are a few ideas:


This is one time when basic household items make great gifts. Don’t be shy about giving practical gifts for a first apartment. While giving a vacuum cleaner or a blender could be a faux pas for, say, Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, a household appliance may just what your young apartment hunter wants most. For more practical ideas, check out our previous blog post, “Setting Up Your First Apartment: The Essentials.” It lists vital basics that renters often forget to bring to a first apartment, from extension cords, to dishes, to cleaning supplies. Even a supply of toilet paper or paper towels can be a welcome gift for a young adult starting out on a tight budget.


Celebrate your loved one’s unique personality. You know their tastes, quirks, and passions. Look for decorative items that celebrate their special interests, apartment-scale equipment for their favorite hobby, or practical household items with a twist, like this R2D2 measuring cup set for Star Wars fans. Help them make their new apartment feel like their very own space.


Give them a reminder of home. Is this gift for your son, daughter, or hometown friend who’s moving to Houston? Help them stay connected while they start a new life in Houston. A framed photo of you and your loved one together, a memento of their hometown, or a DIY gift from you may be just what they need for their new home away from home.


Send them to Houston Apartment Insiders. The gift of expert help in finding and leasing an apartment won’t cost you or them a thing. Our service is completely free for apartment hunters. Just ask them to fill out our online contact form or give us a call at 713-581-1055 (or toll-free 866-918-4022) to let us know their budget and just what they’re looking for. We’ll do the research and provide them with a personalized list of Houston apartments that match their wants and needs. If they’d like us to, we’ll even set up appointments for showings and provide transportation.